Cry Baby Tears Candy - 24ct

Cry Baby Tears Candy - 24ct
  • $51.99

Cry Baby Tears Candy will make you cry, but not out of sadness—out of joy! These sour little treats are packed with so much tartness that you'll pucker and well up the moment you place on your tongue. That's why these candies come in adorable and tiny green packages for you to enjoy in small doses.Get ready to host a fun and memorable party for little ones when you order some Cry Baby Tears Candy. You can place some on dessert tables, add some to a grab bag of prizes for little ones to enjoy and laugh about, or even sprinkle a few into goodie bags to leave a lasting impression on party guests. Just remember that this Cry Baby Tears Candy has its name for a reason and will make you pucker!


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