Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices - 5lb

Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices - 5lb
  • $36.99

Who can resist these sensational Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices, bursting with juicy flavor? These unwrapped gummy slices come packaged in a box and make for a stunning display with their bright blue color and red and white rim. They are dipped in white sanding sugar to give them added sparkle and to add sweetness to the tart raspberry flavor. These delicious fruit slices contain real raspberry juice so every bite is sweet and succulent.Display these beautiful Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices on your dessert table at a summer picnic or family reunion and everyone will be impressed with their gorgeous color and the charm they bring to your event. Or if you are hosting a bridal or baby shower, these charming treats are perfect to serve as a snack or dessert, or even to package in pretty boxes and offer as party favors for your guests to enjoy once the big day has ended.

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