Grape Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb Box

Grape Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb Box
  • $36.99

One look at these scrumptious Grape Fruit Slices and your mouth will be watering! Featuring a deep purple color and cut to resemble yummy citrus slices, these juicy candies are coated with a dusting of sugar for an attractive, tasty finish. The gummy fruit slices are made with real grape fruit juice to provide the perfect fruity flavor.Bite into one of these chewy candies and savor its delicious sweetness. Perfect for a party in the spring or summer, you can serve these little treats as a refreshing dessert after a heavy meal or as a treat at a casual occasion where only appetizers and snacks are being provided. Wrap a few of these Grape Fruit Slices in a goody bag or gift box and send your guests home with these to have something to commemorate the special day. Or serve them wherever purple is a part of the color scheme to carry the event theme throughout the entire occasion, including the food and sweets.

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