Lemon Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb

Lemon Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb
  • $36.99

For a refreshing, summery sweet treat, dip into these juicy unwrapped Lemon Fruit Slices. These yummy gummy fruit slices feature real lemon juice for a burst of tart, lemony flavor, and they are coated with sweet sugar to give them a fanciful look and to soften their tanginess.Offer these delectable candies at a summer picnic or pool party and your guests will love their juicy sweetness. They also make a great light dessert after a summer barbecue or dinner. Lemon Fruit Slices are a lovely garnish when placed on a dessert plate or table alongside lemon tarts, lemon cookies, lemon meringue pie, or other sweet confections. Spring and summer baby or wedding showers and wedding receptions are also an ideal setting to add these citrus slices when planning your menu. You'll have fun thinking up new ways to utilize these gummy lemon candies.

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