Sour Apple Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb Box

Sour Apple Fruit Slices - Unwrapped 5lb Box
  • $30.99

These Sour Apple Fruit Slices are like real apple slices that were transformed into a fantasy-world treat. The white flesh and light green peel of a real green apple are turned into the bright, vibrant green hue of these candy slices, with a white line separating the "rind" from the "flesh."The crisp bite of an apple slice turns into a chewy, gummy texture. A light dusting of sugar on top adds to the appeal like a coating of pixie dust. Bite into one of these candy slices, and you'll enjoy the luscious taste of real apple juice with the tartness of a sour twist.The simplified look of these slices makes them magical and fun to eat. They come unwrapped, so they're perfect for displaying on a platter. Slice the center and stick them on drink glasses for apple martinis. Use them to decorate cakes and pastries. Toss them into favor boxes or bags as gifts, or make a centerpiece by adding these slices to an apple basket.

Gummy sour apple fruit slices unwrapped! Unwrapped fruit slices with real apple fruit juice. There are about 115 delicious fruit slices in a box.

SKU: ND-20-MID-002820

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