Gimbals Jelly Beans - 10lb All Flavors

  • $59.99

Gimbals jelly beans are a great choice for the discerning sweet tooth. The company offers high quality confections that are full of unique flavor. If you want more variety with your snacks, our jelly bean assortment is the best choice.You get a number of gourmet jelly beans to sample alone or enjoy together. Come up with your own custom combinations or eat them one at a time and enjoy Gimbal's many amazing flavor creations. Our bulk Gimbals jelly beans are perfect for big events. Share them at birthday parties or use them to fill wedding favors.Each is brightly colored in either a solid or speckled pattern so they look just as good as they taste. Order a package for Easter baskets or keep them all year round as an easy sweet snack that adults and children can enjoy. Gimbals gourmet jelly beans assortment will take your taste buds on a sweet adventure!

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