Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar Free - Assorted Fruit 5lb

Go Lightly Hard Candy Sugar Free - Assorted Fruit 5lb
  • $129.99

Sugar free candy is a must-have for anyone with dietary concerns. If you have a sweet tooth but need to cut back on the amount of sugar consumed each day, these hard candies can help. Each piece includes enormous flavor and a smooth texture that will please the taste buds.There's no sugar so you can enjoy your tasty snack completely guilt free! Order our bulk sugar free candy pack so you never run out of this easy go-to treat. Each assortment contains a variety of flavors and colors. Every piece is individually wrapped in a colorful foil wrapper.Try green, red, pink or gold to find out which is your favorite! Our bulk hard candy is convenient for events and gatherings. Keep them in the office candy jar to give coworkers a tasty snack that won't ruin their diet! Go Lightly hard candy will become a fast favorite in your household!


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