Assorted Gummi Bears - 5lb

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Gummy bears are one of the most popular and longstanding confections in the world. Born in Germany, the gummy bears we know and love today date back to the 1920s.The candy has made some changes throughout the years, with the introduction of gummy rings, cherries, worms, sharks, peaches and many other variations. No matter how they evolve, many kids and adults still look for the familiar bear shape. The concept behind the gummy bear was inspired by the famous dancing bears that were often seen during European festivals.That same sense of excitement and wonder is still experienced each time you enjoy each soft, chewy morsel! Choose from many fun colors, including red, green, yellow and orange. Each presents a sweet fruit flavor that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth.Our bulk gummy bear assortment gives you many pieces that are perfect for big events like birthday parties, picnics, reunions, weddings, school activities and more!

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