Gummi Green Army Men - 5lb

  • $16.99

Whoever made the rule that food is not meant to be played with clearly never had a bulk supply of Gummi Green Army Men. Bursting with detail, these candies are so realistic that they look like small plastic toys.The soldiers are even in a variety of positions, so you can create a battlefield display with them. If you are planning an army or M.A.S.H.-themed party, these green gummy soldiers will be the perfect candy to put in dishes. They are also ideal to use to decorate a cake or cupcakes.Despite the realistic plastic look, these Gummi Green Army Men are 100 percent edible, and have a strong apple flavor. Add one to green beans or spinach and suddenly you turn a dreaded food into something they actually want to eat. These candy soldier guys are made in the USA and fat-free.

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