Cherry Gummi Rings - Red 4.5lb

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Considering cherry is one of the world's favorite candy flavors, it is easy to understand why these Cherry Gummi Rings are so popular with folks of all ages.First, they are definitely easy on the eyes. Put these on your candy buffet around the holidays for a festive display people will be talking about. Since they are red and white, they offer a candy cane appeal, and you have to agree that the sanded sugar on them soft of looks like a glistening fresh blanket of snow.These are also ideal candies for Valentine's Day, and they are always a hit at kids' parties, simple because kids love that they can literally wear them like rings. When you bite into these soft, chewy Cherry Gummi Rings, your taste buds are delighted with an explosion of real cherry flavor.The sanded sugar is the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, you can use them to dress up a cake or cupcakes. They really are ideal for nearly any occasion, and since this is a big bulk supply, there is plenty left over for you to keep all to yourself.

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