Holland Mints - Original 10lb

Holland Mints - Original 10lb
  • $134.99

However long the world's candy list may be, it always boils down to the cutest of all which is the Original Holland Mints.These button-like treats in pastel colors are loved by kids and their parents as well. They are miniature in size but they are not miniature in tastiness. Made by the popular and world class confectioner Marich Confectionery, these tiny candies have been proven to outsize their bigger counterparts in tastiness and flavor.These Holland candy mints that come in different pastel colors will make a wonderful treat for kids. A combination of peppermint and chocolate candy is inside these tiny treats. Its classic dutch mint flavor gives these tasty treats a unique profile.They come in lavender, mint green, pink, purple and white pastel colors and are packed in a ten pound bulk. Kids and parents alike adore these small but incredible treats. After all, it's not a candy's size that matters. It's their tastiness.

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