Jawbreakers 2 1/4-inch Assorted - 24lb

Jawbreakers 2 1/4-inch Assorted - 24lb
  • $120.99

Bulk assorted jawbreakers gives you all your favorite colors in an unstoppable candy! Jawbreakers are a confection that's meant to last. Each piece includes a 2.25 inch orb that consists of multiple layers.The surface features one solid background color with eye-catching speckles that create a unique look that you won't find with other candies. The unique look makes our assorted jawbreakers a great choice for edible decor and cake decorating!Our jawbreakers are a great treat to hand out during events and holidays. Use them to fill Easter baskets, Christmas stockings or give them to trick or treaters during Halloween! Colorful jawbreakers can also be used to fill birthday treat bags and much more.We make it easy to get the quantity you need for any purpose or occasion. Order one bulk jawbreakers package to keep at home as an easy snack or try multiple so you can take one to the office or share them with guests!

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