Jawbreakers Psychedelic w Gum Center 1-1/4-Inch - 28lb

Jawbreakers Psychedelic w Gum Center 1-1/4-Inch - 28lb
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Their psychedelic nature might give you the idea that you can conquer these jawbreakers, but don't believe them! These Psychedelic Jawbreakers with a bubblegum center will test your strength as you wait to see how long they last in your mouth. Turn it into a contest to entertain children, but don't forget that the young at heart might want to play too! Each jawbreaker has a white background with splatters of color to decorate it. You'll enjoy the sweet flavor of these candies as you suck, and once you finally get to the middle, you'll be rewarded with a tiny sweetart. With their artistic design, these candies will make the perfect themed treat for an art camp or for an art major's graduation party, although they fit in well at any kind of event. Make them part of a candy buffet, turn them into beautiful favors or use them to decorate tables. Whatever you do with them, these psychedelic and beautiful jawbreakers will entertain your eyes and your taste buds!

SKU: ND-30556

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