Jawbreakers Psychedelic 2 1/4-inch - 24lb

Jawbreakers Psychedelic 2 1/4-inch - 24lb
  • $120.99

Psychedelic Jawbreakers are a fascinating candy that's sure to work your jaw (and your taste buds)! Each piece incudes a round piece of hard candy that's not meant to be chewed. Pop the tasty treat in your mouth and enjoy the flavors as each layer melts away.Unlike other types of candy, jawbreakers include different colored layers all the way to the middle! Our bulk jawbreakers measure approximately 2.25 inches. The psychedelic version includes a solid white surface that's speckled in crazy color! Admire bits of blue, lime green, red and more.Our larger quantities give you enough gobstoppers to serve even a large crowd. Hand them out as prizes at events or use them to fill treat bags for birthdays and other occasions. Jawbreakers can also be used to fill stockings, Easter baskets and other holiday gifts. The amazing color of our psychedelic jawbreakers looks beautiful when used as cake decorations or part of edible decor.

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