Jawbreakers Psychedelic 1/2-Inch - 28lb

Jawbreakers Psychedelic 1/2-Inch - 28lb
  • $128.99

Some candies are made to be chewed and devoured; others are more fun to play with than they are to eat. Then, there are some candies that are made to slowly savor every bit of flavor from start to finish.Jawbreakers Psychedelic candies fit in the last category. These confections delight your taste buds from start to finish, and since they are made to last, you will enjoy the yummy flavor for a very long time. These Jawbreakers Psychedelic candies look as cool as they taste.These big white balls boast splatters of bright colors, giving them the ability to cheer up even a boring candy dish. When you get to the center, you are awarded with a tiny sweet tart center. Folks of all ages love these delicious balls of goodness. They can be a dieter's best friend, too. Since they keep your mouth busy and sweet craving satisfied for so long, you won't have such an urge to snack on high-calorie food.

SKU: ND-4871

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