White Sixlets Candy - Bulk 12lb

White Sixlets Candy - Bulk 12lb
  • $82.99

Who says candy has to be brightly colored to be exciting? These White Sixlets look like small beads of delicate snow, but there is nothing fragile about the flavor.A cocoa and carob mixture creates a malted center your taste buds will swoon over. To protect the goodness inside, a white shiny candy shell is provided. The end result is an elegant candy worthy of a place on virtually any candy display.There is something undeniably sophisticated about white candy, which is why these sphere-shaped confectionary balls are popular picks for weddings. Just because they are pretty does not mean they can't get a little wild and crazy.Use these White Sixlets as snow around your gingerbread house, mix them with a bit of cinnamon candies at Valentine's Day, or use them as a unique topping on brownies, devil's food cake, or chocolaty ice-cream. They are kosher-certified and totally delicious.

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