Chocolate Lady Bugs - 40ct

  • $41.99

These adorable Chocolate Lady Bugs want to join your next party! The main attraction is the foil wrapping with its bright colors and intricate details. Each one features red wings with black spots, a shining gold face and cute facial features that bring each ladybug to life.Your guests will love the big eyes looking up at them, complete with eyelashes, and the friendly smile on every face. You might not have the heart to unwrap such a beautiful bug, but you'll be glad you do when you taste the delicious milk chocolate within. These little ladies are a perfect treat for springtime, when their real counterparts are out and about.Nonetheless, they're sure to brighten up a get-together any time of year. Display them at a garden party, incorporate them into a children's birthday party and turn them into favors for a unique wedding theme or a nature event. They're perfect for outdoor camps, nature organizations and outdoor events. Don't forget to invite these fun bugs to your next shindig and they'll fly right in!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: ND-7265

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