Rainbow Nerds - 12ct

Rainbow Nerds - 12ct
  • $29.99

Rainbow Nerds candy will brighten anyone's day! This sweet confection is a popular product sold under the famous Wonka brand. The classic nerds are pieces of sugar crystal, each featuring its own unique shape.The top is smothered in a smooth candy coating to add even more sweetness to this crunchy treat. Nerds first appeared in 1983 and even earned the title of Candy of the Year two years later! That's a big accomplishment for such a tiny candy! Our bulk Rainbow Nerds box contains an assortment of fun colors that make snacking so much more exciting!Along with a saccharine taste, each also includes a touch of tang to keep your taste buds on their toes. Our concession size boxes are convenient for any occasion. Use them as delicious stocking stuffers or impress the neighborhood kids with full size theater boxes of Nerds on Halloween! Our bulk Nerds give you more of the amazing treat you love.

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