Rock Candy Crystals - Raspberry - 5lb

Rock Candy Crystals - Raspberry - 5lb
  • $29.99

Raspberry Rock Candy Crystals are an aquatic blue from another planet! With countless little gems of sugary bliss this candy is a looker and a crowd pleaser. Crunch down on these little crystals and you'll enjoy a sugary burst of fruity raspberry flavor that will leave your tongue blue and wanting more.Since these Raspberry Rock Candy Crystals look a lot like the crystals used in a fish bowl, why not get creative and make an edible version! Scatter some of these Raspberry Rock Candy Crystals in the bottom of a fishbowl for a party, then add some Swedish Fish to the top on toothpicks and other edible candy sea creatures. Your little ones will love you for your thoughtfulness and imagination!

Old fashion raspberry rock candy crystals. Rock candy crystals raspberry in a 5 lb bag. All natural sugar candy with a raspberry flavor.

SKU: C112611-MID-003940

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