Red Vines - Red Twists 24ct

Red Vines - Red Twists 24ct
  • $74.99

Enjoy the original! Red Vines are known as the original red licorice twists. These delicious treats do not contain real licorice root like black licorice does, but instead they come with a sweet and fruity flavor you're sure to love.And the bright red color and twisted design are always inviting, tempting you to take a bite. Go ahead and enjoy these classics! After all, they don't contain fat or preservatives. Each vine gives you a bunch of satisfying bites, and you get a bunch of vines in a bag!If Red Vines have always been your favorite, then stick with them for snacks and parties. Introduce them to the next generation as well because kids will delight in the flavor, texture and shape. Break them out for movie nights or for a snack during a day out. They're perfect to stick into a glass jar to brighten up a party's decor and to make them easy for guests to grab.

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