Brown Sixlets - Bulk 12lb

Brown Sixlets - Bulk 12lb
  • $74.99

These beautiful, shiny Brown Sixlets are an ideal candy to choose as party favors for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and other festive occasions. They have a tasty carob and chocolate combination that gives them a delicious malted flavor, making them a hit with kids and adults alike.These chocolate balls feature an attractive brown candy coating, and they look great when used as decorations on sundaes, cakes, cupcakes, and other delectable desserts. You can also rely on these treats when you have a color themed event that includes brown as one of the main colors, such as a school event or a party celebrating your favorite sports team. Place little bowls of these Brown Sixlets at each table so guests can nibble on handfuls of them while they socialize with each other. You can also fill decorative containers with a few scoops of these bite size candies and offer them as pretty favors your guests can enjoy long after the event is over.

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