Green Sixlets Candy - Bulk 12lb

Green Sixlets Candy - Bulk 12lb
  • $82.99

Green Sixlets are a sweet treat that are full of fun color! While an assortment of hues is nice, only our bulk Sixlets give you a way to get all the chocolate candy you love in a single color.Each piece includes a smooth blend of rich carob and cocoa on the inside while a gleaming green candy shell covers the outside. Take one bite and experience the pleasant light crunch of the shell followed by the satiny texture of chocolaty confection hidden in the middle! Our bulk green Sixlets are perfect for any occasion!Order a package so you have something to decorate cakes, cookies and homemade candy with for the holidays. They also make a gorgeous presentation when poured in a glass candy dish or jar at parties, picnics and other events. Businesses can match their company colors and impress customers with our single-color Sixlets! Sixlets are also convenient for wedding favors, treat bags and candy buffets.

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