Orange Sixlets Candy - Bulk 12lb

Orange Sixlets Candy - Bulk 12lb
  • $74.99

Orange Sixlets will brighten your day and sweeten your taste buds! This classic candy features a chocolate and carob center that's covered in a thin candy shell. Each piece offers a gentle crispness followed by the smooth, rich flavor of chocolate.While an assortment will give you many colors to choose from, our single-color Sixlets make it easy to get exactly what you want for events and much more! Our orange Sixlets are a great choice for cake decorating and edible decor.Use them to complement the theme or color scheme of an event. Combine with black candies at Halloween or use them to match the dessert table to your wedding decor. Whether you put them in a wedding favor, treat bag or candy dish, everyone will love grabbing a handful of these vibrant chocolate orbs! Give your guests and loved ones a gift that's full of malted flavor with our bulk orange Sixlets!

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