Shimmer Lime Green Sixlets - Bulk 12lb

Shimmer Lime Green Sixlets - Bulk 12lb
  • $82.99

Shimmer Lime Green Sixlets are candy coated chocolate balls with a unique malted flavor. You can also use them for cake or cupcake decorating, ice cream sundaes, or at a candy buffet. There are endless possibilities with these versatile little candies that will add sparkle and pizazz to any occasion.Add these sparkly Shimmer Lime Green Sixlets to your next special occasion to enhance the look of your decor and make a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. The tiny gems look like glistening lime-colored pearls, so if your event has a color theme that includes lime, create sensational candy centerpieces with these little candies by filling crystal or glass bowls and vases full of them and setting them on each guest table or on serving tables around the room. They'll add a shimmering splash of color throughout the room and guests will love being able to nibble on them throughout the event.

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