Shimmer Orange Sixlets - Bulk 12lb

Shimmer Orange Sixlets - Bulk 12lb
  • $71.99

Looking for the perfect edible decoration for your baked goods or a delicious candy treat for a Halloween party or other event with an orange color theme? Then consider inviting these gorgeous Shimmer Orange Sixlets to your next event. These superb candies feature a beautiful shimmery orange candy coating surrounding a tasty chocolate center.The orange candy balls will look stunning when poured into a tasteful glass vase or bowl and then featured as a centerpiece at your dessert buffet or on each dining table. Pair them with black candies or decorations to make for an ideal Halloween-themed treat, or top festive cupcakes, cakes, or ice cream sundaes with these adorable gems to give them a little added sparkle and make for an unforgettable dessert at your next big occasion. Everyone will appreciate the delicate beauty and added shine these Shimmer Orange Sixlets bring to your special occasion.Gluten Free

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