Shimmer Yellow Sixlets - Bulk 12lb

Shimmer Yellow Sixlets - Bulk 12lb
  • $71.99

Shimmer yellow Sixlets will make snack time even brighter! These gorgeous orbs of deliciousness are a well-known candy packaged in a new, exciting way. Everyone loves the smooth, sweet flavor of chocolaty Sixlets!Each piece includes a solid orb of cocoa and carob that's coated in a light candy shell. The exterior produces that glorious shine and vibrant yellow hue that makes this version even more enticing than the original! Bulk yellow Sixlets are perfect for at home snacking and parties!Businesses can pour these edible beauties into candy bowls or jars and place on tables or desks for customers to enjoy. Families can keep their child's favorite color candy on hand while teachers and instructors can have an easy reward ready for a job well done. Yellow Sixlets are also wonderful for wedding favors, treat bags and more! Single-color candy can easily be matched up with any theme or color scheme. Try our bulk Sixlets today and taste the classic chocolate flavor you love with a shimmering candy shell!

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