Sixlets Originals - Bulk 12.5lb

Sixlets Originals - Bulk 12.5lb
  • $74.99

Sixlets candy are one of the most famous in the world today. Many people love the sweet taste and smooth texture of each small orb. Now you can get more of the candy you adore with our bulk Sixlets pack!Each piece includes a small orb of carob and cocoa that produces a bite-able piece of solid chocolaty confection. The outside is smothered in a thin candy shell in one of many vibrant colors. Whether you choose a yellow, orange, green, red or brown piece, you will still get the same great taste that makes these treats so desirable!Sixlets were have been around since the 1960s. No one knows exactly where the name came from. Some believe that it originated with the candy's original packaging, which included a tube of 6 pieces. Today you can get far more than six pieces for parties, school events and cake decorating with our assorted bulk Sixlets pack!

Sixlets. Chocolate balls with a crispy candy shell and deep chocolate inside. Enjoy a delicious sixlet and you will sure love them. The tasty Sixlets that are so good you will sure enjoy munching them down.

SKU: ND-21143-MID-002953

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