Sixlets Assorted - Bulk 12.5lb

Sixlets Assorted - Bulk 12.5lb
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Welcome to the fresh face of Sixlets, where we've reimagined a beloved classic for the modern candy lover! Our latest collection of Sixlets retains the delectable chocolate and carob blend you've cherished but now comes encased in a shell of radiant new colors. Say goodbye to the old reds and greens, and hello to a sophisticated array of pearly whites, soft lavenders, sunny golds, and playful pinks that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

Each piece is a perfect sphere of indulgent chocolate, hugged by a thin, crispy shell that delivers a satisfying snap with each bite. These updated Sixlets are designed to captivate and charm at any event, adding a dash of elegance and a pop of color that is sure to delight guests and hosts alike.

Envision these sparkling jewels as the star of your next soiree, twinkling from within clear candy dishes or adding a luxurious touch to dessert spreads. They're not just candy; they're a versatile décor element that can elevate any table setting or party theme.

For the bakers and creators, these new Sixlets open up a world of decorative possibilities. They're the ideal edible embellishment for adding a sophisticated flair to confectionary creations or for bringing a festive spirit to holiday treats.

Offered in bulk for your convenience, these Sixlets are ready to serve at grand events, intimate gatherings, or as thoughtful, stylish favors. They're the perfect mix of nostalgia and now, ensuring that every mouthful is an affair to remember. With our reinvented Sixlets, you're not just offering a candy; you're creating an ambiance.

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