Sugar Free Gummi Bears Wild Fruit - 6.6lb

Sugar Free Gummi Bears Wild Fruit - 6.6lb
  • $44.99

Sugar Free Wild Fruit Gummi Bears are almost too perfect! With a cuteness factor through the roof and incredible flavor that is sugar free, these little gummy bears pack all the taste into a lower calorie snack.If you love gummy bears and fruity flavor, but want to nix sugar from your diet, then try these Sugar Free Wild Fruit Gummi Bears! You can tuck some into your child's lunch box guilt-free or snack on them throughout the day without worrying about what the sugar is doing to your teeth and waist-line. For those with dietary restrictions, you can also enjoy a sweet tasting treat without worrying about any negative health effects.

Sugar Free Gummi Beasr Wild Fruit - 10lb from great candy, low prices, fast shipping.

SKU: ND-31517-MID-004084

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