Light Blue & White Unicorn Pops - 24ct

  • $51.99

Light blue and white Unicorn Pops will make any party even better! Children and adults alike love creatures of fantasy and make believe. Our tall lollipops are designed to recreate the look and shape of the mythical unicorn's famous horn!Each Unicorn Pop includes a piece of delicious hard candy that's tightly wound to form a long spiral with a curved end. A disposable stick extends from the base so you can enjoy this lolly without sticky fingers. Our light blue and white version includes alternating spiral stripes that look even better when you see the enchanting gleam of smooth hard candy.Bulk Unicorn Pops are a great choice for children's parties, birthdays and holidays. Place them upright in a glass container for that nostalgic candy shop feel or hand them out as prizes or in treat bags. Each lollipop pack includes the same color so you can easily buy enough matching Unicorn Pops for a wedding or baby shower!

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