Gummi Rings Watermelon - 5lb

Gummi Rings Watermelon - 5lb
  • $22.99

If watermelon is one of your favorite fruits then you probably long for that sweet flavor from fall until the following summer.

Watermelon season is just not long enough, and it's really not fair! Fortunately, we have these Gummi Rings Watermelon candies that you can eat to hold you over until the real thing is being harvested again.

The pretty pink and white display of these Gummi rings Watermelon candies makes them perfect for baby showers, weddings, beach-themed parties, kids' parties and even Easter baskets. They are soft and chewy, and lightly coated in sanded sugar. Kids love wearing them as rings, and you can even get them out on a snowy craft day to make fun jewelry.Want to give the cocktails you are serving guests a whimsical appeal? Slide the strawberry through the middle, and rest the ring on the edge of the glass. These are the perfect complement to watermelon margaritas. Watermelon Gummi Rings are low in calories and fat-free, so they can be a dieter's best friend, too.

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