Zours Chewy Sour Fruit Candies - 24ct

Zours Chewy Sour Fruit Candies - 24ct
  • $34.99

Add a little zest to your life with these Zours Chewy Sour Fruit Candies. The tanginess will have your cheeks puckering in a fun and delicious way that will add excitement to your parties or your everyday life.This variety takes the chewy, fruity candies you love in Mike and Ike candies and adds a layer of sour powder to them. Enjoy the combination of sour lemon, watermelon, green apple, blue raspberry and cherry in every bag. They come in a rainbow of colors to match the variety of fruit flavors. Add them to the loot of your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, give them away at marketing fairs or school functions, toss them into gift baskets and turn them into fun party favors. When you break them out at a party, everyone will have a blast showing off their sour faces!

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