Celebrate National Truffle Day with 10 Sweet and Savory Recipes

Truffle Recipes for National Truffles Day

Anyone out there a fan of truffles? We sure are at CandyDirect.com! That's why for National Truffle Day, we're spotlighting mouthwatering recipes for both chocolate and mushroom truffles-so you can enjoy something sweet and something lavish on this delicious day. Enjoy the recipes ahead!

Chocolate Truffles

Mmmm. Chocolate truffles: a candy stop staple and all-time favorite among candy lovers. If you love sweets, get some incredible chocolate truffle recipes below for National Truffle Day.

Red Velvet Truffles

Red velvet and truffles are a sinfully incredible combination. And while they may seem fancy, you can make them at home! This YouTuber will walk you through every step to make these truffle/cake bite hybrids.If you don't love added food coloring, you could easily alter this recipe to include chocolate or vanilla cake-sans the red dye. But we think the red velvet is a gorgeous contrast when paired with the soft white chocolate exterior. We'll let you make the call! Either decision will be scrumptious.

Lemon Truffle Pie

Truffles don't have to be chocolate or mushroom, they can come in pie form too! This layered lemon truffle cake is certainly worth digging into-just like it's worth digging for rare and divine truffles.Lemon is such a refreshing flavor, making it ideal for summer barbecues and picnics. Try this lemon pie truffle cake out for National Truffle Day and then give it a whirl the next time you have a party. People will love it!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Holy moly. We're major suckers for anything chocolate chip cookie dough, so these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles caught our eye. If you're making cookies, stir up some extra dough to roll into chocolate truffles. Just make sure to nix the raw egg if you're worried about salmonella.You can certainly enjoy these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles on their own, or you can make them miniaturized and use them on top of cakes, ice cream sundaes, and more. Let your sweet tooth be your guide. We're sure it'll lead you to delicious places.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Classic chocolate truffles are dense, rich, and decadent. So is this chocolate truffle cake. We love how the sparklers look on top, but you could also drizzle chocolate ganache, raspberry sauce, caramel, and sea salt.This cake is tiny, but it's so rich it'll feed up to 12 people. Cut everyone a little sliver for dessert and serve with ice cold milk, Kahlua, espresso, or red wine. Any and all pairings will wonderfully complement this sinful truffle dessert.

No-Bake Oreo Truffles

For those who like everything quick and dirty in the kitchen, we have a recipe for you. These no-bake Oreo truffles are super fast to make, can be kept in the freezer and done beforehand, or made just hours before guests arrive.The key to making these no-bake Oreo truffles exciting (besides the incredible ingredients) is the decoration variation. Dunk some of your Oreo mixture into dark chocolate and then try milk chocolate and white chocolate for the others. Drizzle contrasting chocolate or sprinkles on top for a whimsical and yummy look that adds color, texture, and wonderfulness.

Peanut Butter Truffles

Chocolate on the outside, peanut butter on the inside. That's how a lot of people like their truffles. If you're a huge PB and chocolate groupie or want to try a new incredible recipe, this peanut butter truffle tutorial is the one to go with.Since these truffles are super rich, you'll want to have something refreshing to wash them down with. Try cold chocolate milk, chocolate stout, or even bitter coffee. Anything that's an opposite of the rich and heavy peanut butter will keep your palate piqued and happy.

Chocolate Truffles

It wouldn't be National Truffle Day without traditional chocolate truffles. Rolled in nuts and cocoa powder, they're a rustic yet refined confection you can easily make at home.The key to any fabulous chocolate truffle? The ingredients themselves. Choose chocolate with high cacao percentages and no stabilizers. Splurge a bit on fine chocolate and you'll have high end truffles you'll be shocked didn't come from an artisan candy shop.

Savory Mushroom Truffle Recipes

Who knew something dug up from the dirt could taste to wonderful-or cost so much? Here are some recipes using black and white truffles and truffle oil.

Parmesan Truffle Fries

Potatoes and mushrooms go together like JZ and Beyonce. Seriously. If you haven't ever tried truffle fries, now is your chance! WARNING: they're seriously addicting.If you don't want to spend time making your own fries, frozen ones will do just fine! The important part is to drizzle on truffle oil and cheese when they're hot, so the little spuds soak up every ounce of flavor. We suggest sprinkling fleur de sel or a large grained sea salt on top for added flavor and texture.

Truffle Pasta

This recipe is making us drool just looking at it. Truffle pasta seems like a Michelin Star dish, but doesn't take much effort to make it gourmet. If you're having dinner guests, wow them with this recipe.The larger the noodle, the more surface area to soak up all the flavorful mushroom juices and truffle oil. Choose a tagliatelle, fettuccini, rigatoni, or another wide pasta for optimal flavor. And be sure to make a big batch! Your guests won't be able to control their urge to go back for seconds.

Truffle Butter

Most truffle oils don't actually contain real truffles. That's because these subterranean fungi are expensive (as much as $3,600 per pound)! Apparently, Oprah carries her very own truffle around with her wherever she goes. So, if you want to live lavishly like the queen herself, try making legit truffle butter at home.Depending on where you live, you could try to forage for truffles yourself. However, they're rare and hard to find-hence their expense. But here's how you should do it if you want to go for a fancy scavenger hunt. No matter if you chow down on chocolate truffles or white and black mushroom truffles, we hope you have a luscious National Truffle Day! How could you not with all of these sensational recipes?

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