Love Chocolate? Try These 7 Recipes for Every Day of American Chocolate Week!

Chocolate Recipes for Chocolate Week

Guys, we have some breaking news for chocolate lovers: American Chocolate Week is nigh! That means it's more socially acceptable to go full-out Cookie Monster on some chocolate bars, dip everything in the sumptuous substance, and overindulge. To help you do just that, take a look at some of the mouthwatering recipes we've rustled up for this momentous occasion. Happy chocolate eating!


Chocolate Croissants

Croissants aren't the easiest baked good to make, since typically, they take hours of resting, folding, and laboring over. However, these pre-bought pastry croissants take nearly no time at all! Plus, you can customize them with jam, peanut butter, chutneys, candy, and in this case, chocolate.
Easy, quick chocolate croissant recipe

Any store-bought pastry dough will work, but Pillsbury Grands makes croissant baking particularly easy. Just pop it out of the can, lay the pieces flat, fill each with a sprinkling of chocolate chips, roll them up, and put them in the oven. In a matter of minutes, you'll have melty, savory chocolate croissants to enjoy for breakfast or dessert.

Triple Chocolate Eclairs

We didn't mean to go with a French theme, but that country does nail its chocolate baked goods! These triple chocolate eclairs are literally bursting with rich chocolate cream, ganache, and soft, donut-like amazingness.

chocolate Eclair recipe for American Chocolate week

If you're short on time, bake the eclair shells beforehand and freeze them until the night before you're ready to assemble these treats. Then, whip up the filling that morning for optimal freshness and flavor.

Tootsie Roll Roses

Surprise a friend, spouse, or partner with Tootsie Roll roses for American Chocolate Week! This tutorial will show you how to mold these chocolate treats, mount them on faux stems, and deliver a thoughtful and creative edible gift.(ps. The video does actually work if you click play...)

If you're having a party or would like to dote on others who adore chocolate, then wrap each Tootsie Roll rose up in cellophane like a lollipop. Then tie it with a ribbon and gift away!


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse may sound fancy, but it typically only includes a few ingredients-in this case, chocolate, heavy cream, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, and coffee.

Homemade chocolate mousse recipe

This mousse is extremely rich, so we recommend following this baker's lead and baking in individual cups. Serve alongside strong and bitter coffee, raspberry chocolate stout, or a cold glass of milk. Even top the whole thing off with a few shavings of chocolate or chocolate covered espresso beans for extra deliciousness.


Chocolate Cake Donuts

Forgo your trip to the local donut shop and make your own chocolate cake donuts at home for American Chocolate Week! The most important part of any donut making is the temperature of the oil-too hot and it'll burn and too cool and your donuts will soak up all the oil and get really heavy.

Chocolate cake donuts recipe American Chocolate Week

The fantastic thing about making any food at home is that it doesn't include any preservatives or nasty additives. Just remember to store leftover, cooled donuts in an air tight container so they don't get stale overnight!


Chocolate Macarons

Oooh la la! Yet another delicious French-inspired chocolate recipe for American Chocolate Week (or really, any time of the year). French Macarons are a staple for a Parisian baker and a delicious, light, and delicate treat enjoyed by the masses.

Chocolate macarons recipe

Do your best to follow the baking directions word for word, since macarons can be finicky if done incorrectly. Then pack them up in tiny boxes to give out to friends and family or hoard them all for yourself! Hey, there's no judgment of a chocoholic during American Chocolate Week.


Chocolate Heart Hand Pies

Hand pies have a rustic look we can't get enough of. Plus, they're pretty simple to make. These chocolate heart hand pies look incredible and taste even better.

Chocolate heart hand pies recipe

Chocolate pairs super well with salt, coffee, raspberry, hazelnut, and caramel flavors, so make this recipe your own by incorporating your favorite ingredients. No matter what you do, these things will fly off the plate. You can even garnish them with chocolate hearts. We hope you all have a very delicious, decadent American Chocolate Week! To help you make every day more indulgent and yummy, shop for a selection of fabulous chocolates online.

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