Celebrate National Fudge Day with 7 of the Best Fudge Candy Recipes

Fudge Recipes National Fudge Day

We never let a candy holiday pass without celebrating in style. National Fudge Day is no exception! We're gearing up for a decadent holiday by bringing you seven incredible fudge recipes to make at home. If you love chocolate fudge, maple fudge, and more, you'll find a yummy DIY tutorial for your favorite fudge candy here. Love vintage candy? There's nothing more vintage than a fresh batch of amazing fudge.

Cake Batter Fudge Recipe

Cake and fudge combined? You heard it right. This cake batter fudge recipe has that sweet, buttery flavor people love in cake batter ice cream and the rich, dense texture of fudge. Sugarspunrun.com

This fudge is so pretty with colored confetti sprinkles. Copy this genius baker's sprinkle style or use your own color scheme to match a party, wedding, or baby shower. These cake batter fudge squares will steal the show no matter how you decorate them. Just make sure to store the fudge in an air-tight container or wrap each square in cellophane to maintain freshness.

Two-Ingredient Fudge Recipe

Don't be scared off by DIY recipes. This chocolate fudge recipe only has two ingredients! That makes it super easy for you to whip up in a hurry-without having to make multiple trips to the grocery store to pick up forgotten items.What else is awesome about this fudge recipe? You don't need to stand by the stove nervously while the ingredients come to the perfect temperature. Instead, you microwave the ingredients, stir them together, let it set, and you're done. Once cooled and set completely, you can cut the fudge into squares. How easy is that?

Maple Fudge Recipe

Is it just us, or are theses recipes getting even more mouthwatering as we go down the list? Maybe it's just the cumulative drool we're acquiring by staring at each insanely yummy recipe.Those who love maple donuts, maple syrup, and fudge will go nuts for this maple walnut fudge. You can absolutely leave the nuts out if you have an allergy, but try substituting with another candy like toffee pieces so you don't miss out on the tantalizing texture.

Oreo Fudge Recipe

This Oreo fudge recipe looks like it's from a fancy candy shop. But we know something you don't: it's not! Since this recipe only has four ingredients, you can make it yourself in a jiffy.The good news about this recipe is that you'll have Oreos left to spare! Consider having an ice cream social with friends where you use crushed Oreos as toppings. Or, simply enjoy one or two cookies with a glass of milk for snack time.

Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

Peanut butter lovers, have you tried peanut butter fudge? You must! In fudge form, savory, sweet, and salty peanut butter takes on an entirely different level of lusciousness.This baker didn't include any nuts or toppings in her fudge. However, candied nuts, chocolate morsels, caramel swirls, banana chips, and more would be beyond amazing in this fudge recipe. Even try sandwiching jam between squares for a new take on PB & J!

White Chocolate Pistachio Fudge Recipe

If you want to go glam on National Fudge Day, you have to try this white chocolate pistachio fudge recipe. When sliced, each square looks elegant, chic, and drool-worthy.This fudge is really pretty, so it's a toss up whether you want to cover it up with a layer of dark chocolate. However, we think it's something you should try! The end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

If you want a great fudge cake recipe and some entertainment too, watch this video. The baker is an absolute riot! Just keep in mind that she operates on the metric system, so here's an easy converter for grams to cups.Anything chocolate pairs wonderfully with raspberry, strawberry, caramel, coffee, or mint. Consider adding your own flavor with jam, caramel sauce, and more!Not in the mood to get cooking for National Fudge Day? Don't worry! You can order fudge online right here on Candydirect.com. We specialize in bringing you the freshest, most delicious bulk orders of fudge and other fudge candies for weddings, parties, and just because. Whether you buy fudge online or make it yourself, we hope you have a wonderful and yummy National Fudge Day!

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