Fall For These 11 Awesome Autumn Wedding Displays

autumn wedding favors

The golden sunsets and bright leaves of the fall make the perfect backdrop for weddings. So do the right fall themed wedding displays! To make the most of the season at your fall wedding, try some of these beautiful and seasonally appropriate decoration ideas.


Fall in love.

This is one sweet sign. Using burlap as the base and twine as the string, this banner has a rustic and autumnal feel that will add a lot of personality to your wedding. You can set it over a dessert table like the designer has done here, attach a similar sign to the backs of your chairs, or hang it from the ceiling over the dance floor. Try stringing together some leaves and acorns too to give this display even more of a harvest season style.

"Falling in love" dessert table


Be the apple of their "pie."

Who ever said you have to have a wedding cake? Why not a bunch of wedding hand pies? And in a display like this, it sure is a tempting option for your wedding's dessert table. These tree stump cake stands are relatively easy to make (or you can purchase them online), and add a lot of character to a wedding. You can stack them high with candy apples, mini pies, or even shots of steaming hot chocolate.

Pie display


Go for the gourd.

Think beyond a traditional glass vase this fall by using a more organic option-a pumpkin! You can either leave it in its natural orange color or paint it white for a more delicate look. Then, stuff it with seasonal flowers and some water. Your flowers might even do better in a pumpkin because of the vitamins it will add to the water. Use these on the altar or on your dinner tables as centerpieces. If you saw our other post, you can even use the seeds from this project for pumpkin seed wedding favors!

Pumpkin vase


Pumpkin Placeholders

Whether you buy plastic or the real thing, these gilded mini pumpkins are adorable place card holders! Plus, they'll act as a paperweight so your names don't fly away on a blustery fall day. You can get a lot of little pumpkins for nearly nothing, so aside from spray paint, you'll have a beautiful decorative element without spending too much.

Pumpkin Placeholders


Donut and Apple Snack Stand

We showed you an option with little pies, but we think this donut and hot apple cider stand warrants a mention as well! When your guests first arrive, you can set this out for them to graze on before the ceremony starts. It will warm them up and keep them from getting fidgety during the wedding. You can even spike the cider to give everyone a taste of the upcoming happy hour.

Welcome stand with donuts and cider


Bridal Portraits

Painting pumpkins is an easy, affordable, and beautiful way to upgrade a rather typical fall staple. That's why we love these pumpkin silhouettes so much. Take a photo of yourself against a plain colored wall. Print it out, and then use it as a stencil to paint your pumpkin. These silhouettes would be a perfect way to distinguish the bride and groom side of the aisles and add some thematic beauty. If you'd like to double up on decor and lighting, you can even carve your silhouettes into the pumpkin for a glamorous lantern that speaks to your love.

Painted pumpkin with silhouette


Nix the cake cutting.

A candy and caramel apple bar is an incredible and yummy alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Everyone will be able to make their own, dip them in toppings like chopped nuts, sprinkles, and sea salt, and the whole table will provide a gorgeous photo op. These ingredients are cheap too, so you can save on the hundreds that wedding cakes can cost and stick to a fall theme! It's tweaks like these that will make your guests remember your special day for years to come.

Candy apple dessert station


"Butter" them up.

We showed you pumpkin vases, but these butternut squash vases are cool too! While butternut squashes are hard to cut, they provide a sturdy container for your delicate arrangements. Use these as centerpieces or accent flowers on dessert or gift tables.

Squash flower vases


Get to the core of great lighting.

Since apples float so well naturally, they make an ideal selection for votives. Just carve out the top, place tea lights in them, set them in a galvanized bucket full of water, and watch them glow. You can scale this down to one apple per table too for a autumnal centerpiece that doubles as mood lighting. Plus, it's super cheap to make!

Apple candles


Celebrate lace and love.

These are exquisite jack-o-lanterns and will make your wedding absolutely stunning. Tedious to make, they are a true show-stopper as a centerpiece or arrangement at the altar. Paint the outside to match the color scheme of your wedding or keep the cheerful orange. Once the sun goes down, these little pumpkins will light up the night and your heart.Jack-o-lanterns with lace design Marthastewart.com


Think rustic.

You don't have to bring out the hay bales and scarecrows to make the point that it's fall. Going for a rustic and delicate look will also summon the fall style you're aiming for. Instead of fine glassware, use jam jars for drinks. Set up crates for a custom cake stand. Line your tables with burlap and muslin. And of course, add some fall colors to the mix to tie it all together.

Rustic wedding ideas

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