The 13 Most Elegant Easter Eggs and Easter Baskets on the Internet - Easter Elegance Exemplified

Most elegant Easter eggs and Easter baskets

Celebrating Easter this year? Here are some of the most elegant Easter eggs and DIY Easter baskets that will make your dinner guests - and the Easter Bunny - proud.

Easter Eggs

We're not pulling your "egg," we really do have some beauties you can try this year. Take a look!

Paper Mache Eggs

These eggs don't have yolks, but they have tons of style. If you go to the craft store, you can pick out some paper mache eggs. Or, you could use fresh brown eggs and hard boil them. Then, use wire, white and black paint, and even lace accents to make these rustic and beautiful Easter eggs. We like how this crafter put these eggs in a bucket for a modern look, but you could just as easily use a wicker basket or another cool container you have around the house.

Modern easter eggs


Golden Eggs

These weren't laid by a golden goose. These actually aren't even real eggs at all. You can use regular hard boiled eggs or plastic ones and then a foil gold pen to make these beautiful Easter eggs. You'll just need to use either gold foil paint or markers to get this look. If you have trouble keeping your hand steady while drawing, try holding your breath while you do it. You can even rest your elbow on the table and hold the wrist of your drawing hand to keep it ultra steady. That way, you can achieve this beautiful and sophisticated Easter egg look.

Golden eggs


Superhero Eggs

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an... egg? You got it. These are some super fantastic Easter eggs and the coolest thing about them is that they use temporary tattoos! What a neat idea. If your kids love applying temporary tattoos to themselves, they'll have a blast putting them on hard boiled eggs. You can order your favorite tattoos online or head to the store to track some down. You know your family best, so pick the characters they love and look up to and they'll have fun decorating and hunting for these eggs on Easter!


Superhero Easter eggs


Ruffle Eggs

These eggs look like little pinatas! Be careful not to bust them open though. We're just kidding. These pinatas are egg-shaped, but they're actually made from balloons and paper mache techniques. If you'd like to try these ruffled eggs, there's so much you can do with them. You can hang them like a garland from the staircase, attach them to a small tree or plant for an "Easter tree," or even hang these in front of the window so they throw off a colorful and whimsical light. These take a bit of time, but you can use them year after year and they're so cute you might not be able to resist!

Egg pinatas


Eggshell Planters

This is a lovely and organic twist on an Easter egg centerpiece. While these aren't dyed, they still present that springy and fresh feel people love around Easter. This is a tricky craft, but if you're planning on making quiche or a bunch of baked goods that require a lot of eggs, then you can do both! When you're cracking the eggs, make sure you try to only cut off the top. Then, wash them with water, fill them carefully with dirt, and set them back in the carton with succulents planted inside and you'll have an incredible arrangement everyone will admire.

Egg planters


Heart Eggs

These are so cute! If you love dyeing eggs with your kids, you can give them this idea for a rainbow of love this Easter. You can either use a white crayon to draw a heart or try a sticker to keep the dye off of the egg in the shape of a heart. Go with a rainbow of colors like this crafter did or stick to a monochromatic palette for a more mature look. If you're planning on hiding these, make sure you number them! There's nothing worse than finding the last hard boiled Easter egg under the couch a couple weeks after the holiday...

Eggs with hearts


Egg Decals

Aside from hard boiling eggs and selecting ones in different colors and sizes, this gorgeous Easter egg idea is supers simple. Just buy your favorite stickers that have a more sophisticated feel and adhere them to the shells. We love that this person went with red since it's not a typical Easter color, but you could just as easily stick with the popular pastel hues Easter is known for.

Easter Egg Decals


Easter Baskets

Now that we've shown you the eggs, we'll give you the baskets to stuff them into! If you'd like to do something different this year rather than those plastic Easter baskets from the store, we have a beautiful assortment of ideas for you.


Easter Bucket

This idea is super unique. Just use chalk paint on a galvanized bucket and hand draw some bunnies or chicks. You could use a stencil or decal if that makes you more comfortable. You can even change these buckets up depending on the holiday—so save these to fill with firewood and put next to the fire place for Christmas or to cover with drawings of ghosts and jack-o-lanterns for your kids to tote around on Halloween.

Easter bucket


Ruffle Basket

These are super Eastery and springy too with their bright pastel pink colors and ruffles. Stick with the pink if you have little ladies on the Easter egg hunt this year or make them gender neutral by using rustic browns and creams. You could also make these work for the gentlemen in your life by using blue or green paper too. Just go to your local party store, pick up some plain pales, and get ready to dress them up with tissue paper, ribbon, flowers, and more for a spectacular Easter decoration.

Ruffle Easter baskets


Birch Easter Basket

This is so chic and rustic. It's the perfect mature basket for your grown-up kids or friends. Buy some birch veneer, a plain old wooden box, and faux moss. Then, hot glue the veneer to the outside of the box and make an arching handle. To make it more secure (and to ensure no little ones drop all of their delicate eggs all over the ground), we recommend using a staple or nail for the handles. You could use these as a piece on your dining table too and fill it with flowers and eggs as a luxurious looking centerpiece. There are so many options with this design it'll be hard to choose!

Birch Easter basket


Bunny and Chick Baskets

Looking for a kid-friendly Easter basket for all of your little nieces and nephews to take home? We found it for you. These felt bunny and chick baskets are soft, cheap, and easy to make. Fill them with Easter candy and goodies for the little ones at Easter or even put them by everyones' place settings and fill them with toys to keep them busy while the grown ups eat. Give these a try this year and watch all of the little bunnies in your life light up with a smile when they see them.

Bunny Easter basket


Fabric Basket

If you're a sewer, you probably have a ton of scrap fabric laying around the house. Put it to good use by making this fabric scrap basket! It does take a bit of doing to coil these fabric pieces, but the result is undeniably adorable. The effort is worth it in our book because these baskets will provide you with Easter cheer year after year. Use whatever colors and patterns your family loves most to make a perfectly customized basket for every person in your home. You could do cartoon characters for your kids and your spouse's favorite colors. The options are as endless as the fabric selection at your local craft store.

Coil Easter


Candy Basket

This basket is function and fashion all rolled into one! We love that this basket is made with goodies and whoever you give them to will too! Pick movie-sized boxes of candy for the outside and bottom of the basket, hot glue them together, and them fill the inside with faux grass and stuffed Easter eggs. The little ones will feel pretty spoiled by the Easter Bunny if you make these this year.

Candy Easter basket

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