It's National Jelly Bean Day! April 22 Is the Day of the Jelly Bean and We Have the 13 Best Recipes


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We don't think you're ready for this jelly. That's why we brought you the top jelly bean crafts and recipes for National Jelly Bean Day! Check out the mouthwatering, flavorful, chewy, and fruity concoctions below to get ready to celebrate.


Bird's Nest Cookies

National Jelly Bean Day (April 22) coincides with the beginning of spring. Unite the two-and use up leftover Easter jelly beans-by making these amazing jelly bean bird's nest "cookies." This user will walk you through every tasty step of the process below, but you could also make your favorite puppy chow recipe or rice krispy squares and shape them into nests before tucking a few jelly beans in the middle!


How To Make Real Jelly Beans

Making jelly beans is labor-intensive, but so colorful and delicious! Skip the bagged candy aisle and try your hand at this baking tutorial. You'll need to make molds for these beans, but other than that, you can pour the mixture in, wait for them to set, and just try to be patient while you wait for them to cool. Making your own jelly beans is also a great idea if you're having a party that needs a certain color theme. Whether it's a wedding or birthday party, you can make custom jelly beans for every guest to munch on.


Jelly Bean Bark

We've seen it all: candy cane bark, chocolate raspberry bark-you name it! What we haven't seen until now is jelly bean bark. With white chocolate and a sprinkling of jelly beans, you'll have a whimsical and scrumptious treat to snack on. Make some of this easy candy with leftover jelly beans and Easter candy to give away to friends or keep it home for your family to enjoy when they have a craving for something sweet. Heck, these jelly bean bark pieces even look and taste awesome in an ice cream sundae. The options are endless!


Jelly Bean Martini

For those of you who are old enough to imbibe (though you can make this virgin too!), you can certainly use up extra jelly beans or make a delicious springtime cocktail with these jelly bean martinis. We love how this mixologist cut the sweetness by using a slice of lemon as garnish, but you could just as easily bring on the sugar-high with a crush candy rim or rock candy stick stirrer. Mix these up for friends at your next get together or make them frozen once it gets hotter outside by adding the mix and ice to a blender!


Jelly Bean Cake

Jelly beans transform this cake-and themselves-in this recipe. Since National Jelly Bean Day happens in April, you'll be getting ready for those May flowers and can celebrate with this flowery jelly bean cake. One of the best parts of this recipe idea is that you could easily take the design and apply it to any recipe you have. Use a boxed mix or your favorite cake recipe that's been passed down and just alter the style by shaping jelly beans into beautiful and edible flowers.


Flower Pot Cupcakes

This is so sculptural and scrumptious looking-so it's a double win in our book! If you're a crafter, baker, and jelly bean lover, you should absolutely try this recipe. It's perfect for a party or bake sale if you want to knock the socks off of guests. Follow the instructions in the video below and watch the smiles grow when you put these jelly bean flower pot cupcakes out for people to devour!


Jelly Bean Bowl

Now this isn't edible, but it's beautiful! It's also a great way to use up stale jelly beans after Easter and give yourself a fun decoration piece to put out the following year. Using a resin to seal and keep these beans together, you can go with a rainbow of colors like this crafter idd or stick to a certain palette. The greatest thing about crafting is that you can always take inspiration fro others and give it a spin of your own imagination. Give it a try to see what a beautiful creation you can make. Just make sure you don't snack on too many beans in the process or you won't have enough to finish!


Jelly Bean Fudge

Yum. That's the one word that comes to the tip of our tongue when we look at this jelly bean fudge recipe. Not only is it delicious, but it's super cute and pretty too. Watch the video to learn how to make your very own jelly bean fudge this month-or all year! Just don't forget to press the beans into the top of the fudge when it's cool, but not hard yet. That way, the flower shapes will stick the best and last through every bite.


Jelly Bean Game

This is the Russian Roulette of the candy world-just a lot less lethal and terrifying! With Harry Potter jelly beans or Bean Boozled beans, you can randomly go around in a circle and have everyone grab a bean to taste. Since a lot of them come in totally nasty flavors, you'll all crack up at the facial expressions when someone gets "earwax" or "egg." If you have a weak stomach, this might not be for you. It is for people with a healthy funny bone though!


Jelly Bean Necklaces

You've probable seen candy necklaces made from those famous pastel hard candy pieces, but have you ever seen jelly bean necklaces? With a thick needle and some thread, you can make your kids and loved ones their own edible jelly bean necklaces. If it's a rainy day and your family is bored, gather everyone around the kitchen table to assemble their own necklaces with the colors and flavors they love most. Wear them around the house and snack while you go! It's a fun craft and tasty treat all at the same time. Here's a tip: this is also a great kids' birthday craft idea too that isn't too messy or hard! Just make sure to get kid-friendly needles with plastic points instead.


Jelly Bean Rainbow Cake

Before you cut into this cake, you'll already be impressed. Once you do, you might faint. That's because it's exploding with flavors, colors, design, and textures. Have a special birthday coming up or fun springtime event? Get busy in the kitchen making a cake that won't last long before it's devoured, but will live on in the memories of all your guests who are lucky enough to try it. Watch the video for the full tutorial and get ready for an amazing jelly bean recipe.


Jelly Bean Candles

Need a craft idea to use up your stale jelly beans from Easter? This is it. Since it's still springy all April and May, these pretty jelly bean candle vases can last you a while. If you're having a party, customize this craft with beans in the color scheme of your event. if you don't care, throw a rainbow of colors into a candle jar and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors. This craft will take minutes and will light up your life with prettiness and creativity.

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