November Wedding Cakes That Mix Autumn & Winter Flair

November Wedding Cakes

November weddings are fantastic because they can either skew fall or winter. However, that can also be a perplexing thing to design for. If you need some ideas for your November wedding, we've come up with a beautiful set of ideas that are artistic, subtle, romantic, and fall themed. Here's what you can do:


Go Metallic

Choosing fall colors instead of fall themes can be a subtle way to embrace the season if you're not a fan of hay bales and scarecrows. This gilded leaf and twig twist is incredibly elegant and emotes a warm fall and winter feeling simultaneously. Have your cake decorator go minimal with the cake flare and then top it all off with a golden topper like this one.

Delicate wedding cake


Choose Festive Flowers

Picking a flower that blooms in the fall and adding it to your cake will make for a whimsical and gorgeous look. These sunflowers are a crowd pleaser because of their color and cheerful appearance. They will look incredible on any icing you choose or cake style, but we would mimic this winding design if we were you.

Sunflower wedding cake


Make Your Wedding a Hoot

These darling owl wedding cake toppers look beautiful paired with fall leaves. Since they seem to be snowy owls, they also transcend the fall feel and bridge into a fall/winter design. You can shop for adorable owl wedding cake toppers on Etsy or by frequenting your local thrift and antique stores. Here's a hint: Look for vintage salt and pepper shakers. Owls are a popular theme we've seen a lot of while shopping. Then, you can use them in your home for years to come as a functional piece of memorabilia.

Autumn wedding cake

Go Traditional

There's nothing that screams "fall!" more than pumpkins. This cake is an evolved take on that classic design element and we love how they've personified the pumpkins as a lovable bride and groom. Show this photo to your cake decorator or get creative making it on your own. Your guests will "gourd" crazy over this one.

Pumpkin wedding cake


Use Natural Found Objects

These pinecones are completely unexpected as a bride and groom cake topper. Not to mention that they're cheap and easy to make yourself! Go for a walk in the woods or to your local craft store and gather up the prettiest pinecones you can find. Then, top with a handmade top hat and some tulle to achieve the adorable final product. Just make sure you bake them at a low temperature if you forage them yourself, since that will get rid of any bugs hiding inside!

Pine cone wedding cake topper


Don't Hay-te On Classic Fall Elements

Balls of twine can quickly transform into November wedding-worthy cake toppers when given a hay bale look! We love how creative this cake topper is and how easy it is to recreate at home with just a few supplies. Since twine is rustic and neutral, you can go simple like this cake or combine the hay bales with even more fall flowers and colors.

Hay bale cake topper


Choose What You Hold "Deer"

Show your dear how much you love them by representing your adoration with adorable deers on the top of your cake! This fall-themed cake is completely unique and still shows off fall colors and design elements without using typical design pieces. The stump that this cake is resting on also adds an element of the harvest season without being too obvious.

Autumn wedding cake

Carve Up A Pumpkin Cake

This cake is about as literal as you can get, but we love it! This particularly artistry would be tough to achieve on your own, but an expert cake maker who is skilled in fondant and confectionary sculpture should be able to recreate this fall themed look. It's one of those cakes that's truly almost too impressive and lovely to eat.

Pumpkin wedding cake


Be Literal

These pumpkin cake toppers incorporate a traditional fall element: pumpkins. However, they do it in a fresh and elegant way. We love the "love" garland and playful feel that this cake gives off and it's super easy for you to achieve for your own wedding. Go with a simple cake and then dress up some plastic pumpkins to say, "Mr." and "Mrs." or "Bride" and "Groom." Then, plop them on top of your wedding cake and enjoy looking at them until cake cutting time rolls around.

Pumpkin cake toppers


Leaf Nothing Out

Any cake can be given a November makeover with a sprinkle of faux leaves and a simple cake topper. You can easily make your own cake at home or have a professional make this one for you. Just choose the colors that you love most and match your wedding color scheme.

Leaf wedding cake


Stay Golden

This is an even more ornate metallic option than our first entry and its opulence won't go unnoticed. Go to the craft store and gather faux fauna that has a variety of interesting textural elements. Don't worry so much about color because you'll be spray painting this gold or bronze. Make sure you let everything dry and air out completely so you don't add any unpleasant odor or flavor to the top of your gorgeous cake!

Gold wedding cake


Fall In Love All Over Again

Garden centers and craft stores always have heart shaped garlands on hand. Go get yourself one and then wind fall flowers or leaves around the outside. Use a dowel to anchor it in the cake and vois la! Your cake will show off the vibrant love you and your spouse have for each other.

Heart and leaf cake topper


Go Stag

Another metallic wedding cake caught our eye: this one! With the gold edible frosting on the bottom, pristine white top layer, and golden stag on top, it's a show stopper and adds a bit of fall flare to any wedding. Give this stag a mate by pairing it with another deer for a perfect bride and groom cake topper.

Gold stag wedding cake


Change Colors

The leaves are changing colors outside, so echo that look with your own wedding cake. The ruffled and ombre effect of this cake are both fresh and unique. Show this photo to an expert or give your skills as a food coloring mixologist a try. You can top this cake with a pumpkin or leaf cutouts. Just go with what your heart desires.

Ombre wedding cake


Be Sophisticated Yet Seasonally On-Point

You don't have to go hokey to show off fall. This cake is a gorgeous and perfect example of that. The fall, semi-dried flowers look fresh, rustic, and new. Dry your own a week or two before the wedding and put them on a ruffled cake. The result will be effortless and stunning.

Fall wedding cake flowers

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