2 Year Old Wedding Taffy Makes Halloween Resurrection

This is a story from a customer who bought taffy for his wedding and how he discovered it's long shelf life. It was still fresh after 2 years!

Wedding Taffy Halloween Story

Recently, the new CandyDirect.com owner, John, emailed with a customer - we'll call him "Alex" - who had not ordered from us in a while. Since there have been so many changes since the new ownership took over this year, John wanted to see if Alex would try us again.

Alex didn't believe that the actual owner of CandyDirect.com would reply to his first email. He figured it was a marketing scheme. He was shocked when John emailed him back within 10 minutes.As they emailed, they came to find out that Alex's last order was exactly 2 years prior to the date of the email. To the day. As they emailed, Alex explained that the last order was for his wedding. The next day, Alex wrote John again with an update to the story...

"Hello John,
Okay, so I thought the taffy story was finished and complete. This will be an interesting anecdote.
So, went home picked up my wife and a crockpot of bbq beans (to go with the bbq my brother was making at my mom's house) and then picked up my wife's grandfather. As my wife brought her grandfather to the vehicle she had his belongings and a ziploc bag of candy one of her aunts had given him to hand out to any trick-or-treaters.
It was a small bag and I saw a butterscotch button along with some other random stuff. Grandfather lives in a trailer park and aunt probably assumed he wasn't going to really have anyone coming to his door. So I get to my mom's house set out my beans and enjoy some of the tri-tip and brisket. As the night progresses grandfather asks my wife to make sure his 'donation' has been added to the candy my mom is handing out. So I go into the house to get the small bag.
As I pick up the bag and head to the driveway I finally get a chance to look at the bag's contents. I suddenly realize that half of it is taffy, taffy town taffy. I then notice that it's not only taffy town taffy, but it's predominately purple taffy town taffy. Dumbfounded I tell my sister that I'm holding my wedding taffy. She tell's me that it can't be, and asks how would I know. I tell her I can see the raspberry lemonade, grape, huckleberry, tropical punch and even 3 of the berries and cream (there was a purple in the mix and I figured everyone loves berries).
She walks over, gasps that it is my wedding taffy (she helped assemble and stuff the little boxes we put the taffy in) and remembers that she loved the tropical punch.
I'm still dumbfounded as I had just emailed you hours earlier.
But here is the takeaway. I immediately pocketed the taffy, but first offered a piece to everyone inside (fruit punch went first) and then had a piece. The taffy wasn't hard at all and tasted exactly as it had 2 years ago. As a matter of fact if I had been told it had been delivered last week I wouldn't know. So I guess this means the shelf life of that particular taffy is pretty good.
I told my wife, she wasn't surprised that her aunt would give her grandfather 2 year old taffy to hand out for Halloween, and that her aunt either didn't eat the wedding favor, and or probably grabbed a few boxes on the way out as there were like 6 empty tables.
Personally I think her aunt's thriftiness is awesome cause I totally got to eat some more taffy from my wedding, and it was still awesome! (Have you ever heard of anyone enjoying wedding candy 2 years after the wedding!?!)
So, since I found this to be so incredible I decided to send you a picture, cause if I were in your shoes I wouldn't believe any of this.
Have a great day and I hope this is of interest.
- Happy Customer
P.S. My family thinks your company is pretty great, cause I read them the email chain after I told them about the emails, and they were impressed too. "
Pretty funny story! Just goes to show you that if you store most candy in a cool, dry place, it will stay fresh for a good while...
Happy Anniversary "Alex"!

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