Sour Apple Blow Pops - 48ct Box

  • $11.99

Charms Blow Pops have been a kid favorite for decades. While this unique lollipop was popular in the 1980s, its origins actually date back to 1969 when the concept was patented by the Triple T Candy Company in Atlanta, Georgia.The name was changed to Charms Blow Pops in 1973. Many delicious flavors were added, including our irresistible sour apple Blow Pops. Give kids and adults something that's sweet and tart with sour apple Blow Pops!Each piece includes a disposable stick with a hard apple flavored shell. The inside contains a generous portion of delicious bubblegum. Get through the sour apple outside so you can chew away on the sweet gum hidden inside!Bulk Charms Blow Pops is a great way to get all the lollipops you need for parties, holidays and events. Give sour apple Blow Pops out during school activities, community events or as a reward for participation in activities.

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