Green Apple Old-Fashioned Sticks - 80ct

  • $15.99

Gilliam old fashioned candy sticks come in many tasty varieties, but their fruit flavors are truly some of the best. Our green apple version offers the juiciness of a fresh picked apple combined with a tart bite to give it the excitement of a sour candy.This simple confection offers everything candy lovers want in an easy-to-enjoy package! Simply tear open one end and enjoy green apple candy sticks anytime, anywhere! Hide a few individually wrapped tubes in your car, purse, pocket or desk so you never have to cope with candy cravings.Our bulk old fashioned candy sticks are the best choice for events and parties. Add them to glass jars or vases and use them as centerpieces at birthday parties or use them to fill wedding favors at weddings with a green theme. green apple candy sticks feature a brilliant green hue with a bright white stripe that spirals from end to end.

SKU: ND-28114-MID-003602

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