Green Apple Bubble Gum Balls 1-inch - 850ct

Green Apple Bubble Gum Balls 1-inch - 850ct
  • $54.99

Green apple bubble gum balls are a delicious blend of juicy flavor and chewy texture. Gum balls are a popular treat for children and adults. While classic bubblegum is delicious, our green apple version adds a fruity twist to this timeless confection.Each orb contains a single serving of super chewy gum that's covered in a light shell in refreshing green. Enjoy the sweet taste of your favorite fruit in every bite! Bulk green gum balls are perfect for many uses and events. Use them to fill a gum ball machine or pour them into a glass dish to share at gatherings.If you're hosing an event with a green color scheme, these are a must-have treat! Use them to fill wedding favors, treat bags or to give as part of a festive gift. Our bulk gum balls are full of delicious flavor and offer a smooth, soft texture that's easy to chew.

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