Candy Blox - 11lb

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It was absolute genius to invent a candy that combines one of the most popular building blocks of all time with a sweet hard candy that's so yummy to eat. These Lego Blox candies are perfect for kids' birthday celebrations, providing an instant activity that will occupy your little guests for an extended period of time.They will love building many different creations with these colorful Lego Blox candies that come in a variety of Lego shapes and sizes. When it is time to clean up their creations, instead of putting them away, the kids will get to eat these sweet, tart candies for a delicious, crunchy candy treat. They taste so good that guests will be tempted to skip the building activity altogether and go straight to devouring these edible building materials! These candy blox are especially appropriate when you are having a Lego themed party or occasion and want to carry that theme through even to the treats that you serve!

SKU: ND-2450

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