Smarties - Giant Size 36ct

Smarties - Giant Size 36ct
  • $23.99

If you put this display box of Smarties Giant Size candies by the register of your store, they are sure to sell out quick. They are a candy that everyone easily recognizes.The original Smarties were first released in 1949 by Ce De Candy, and many still consider it to be one of their favorite treats after all these years. The only difference between these and the original ones is they are a bit bigger.Although sweet and satisfying, Smarties Giant Size candies are quite light. You don't have to worry about your dinner being ruined if you eat a few beforehand, because they don't weigh you down like some other candy.This also means you don't have to worry about your kids having a tummy ache every time they eat some. They are super popular to hand out at Halloween. You can pack them in lunches, fill gift bags with them for game prizes at a birthday party, or dump them out of their rolls into a pretty candy dish for a centerpiece.

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