Necco Wafers - Assorted 5lb

  • $29.99

Classic Necco Wafers have long been a favorite due to their many different flavors and great taste. These packs of Necco Wafers are a fun indulgence that guests will be happy to receive at parties, showers, holiday events, or other special occasions.These cylinder shaped packets hold a bunch of the sweet delicious wafers and their convenient packaging makes it easy to slip several packs of these in a trick or treat bag, Easter basket, or Christmas stocking as a sweet surprise for your loved ones. Their packaging also makes them the perfect addition to your child's birthday piñata, and kids will break into these candies the minute they fall to the floor. Next time you are in the market for a popular candy with a reputation for quality and exceptional taste, depend on these tasty Necco Wafers to add some fun and flavor to your special day.

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