Candy Necklace - Unwrapped 100ct

Candy Necklace - Unwrapped 100ct
  • $48.99

Is there anything more fun for kids than jewelry you can eat? These adorable multicolored classic candy necklaces will bring back memories for parents and while their kids will enjoy discovering them for the first time. The candy necklaces feature strands of brightly colored candies and are the perfect favor for children's birthday parties.The necklaces are generously sized and filled with dozens of candies so kids (or adults!) can munch on them for quite some time. These long-lasting candy necklaces are strung together with high-quality string so they won't break apart until you are ready for them to. Make a fun, festive statement at your next big party or event when you sport these scrumptious jewels around your neck and offer them to your friends and relatives as a delicious accessory to both wear and snack on all night long.

SKU: ND-884

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