Chocolate Sports Balls Assorted - 5lb Bag

Chocolate Sports Balls Assorted - 5lb Bag
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Score one for your team with these sports-themed candies! With a medley of sports represented in this bunch of Assorted Chocolate Sports Balls, you'll have all your bases covered for any event.This assorted mix comes with baseball, soccer, football, basketball, golf and tennis balls, so you're sure to have every guest's favorite. Each foil wrapping features the colors and designs that represent each variety of real sports ball. When you unwrap the foil, you'll be rewarded with the smooth taste and texture of solid chocolate.Pick these sporty candies for your athletic child's birthday party or for a sports awards event. They can decorate tables, fill candy jars and make awesome favors with the colorful and fun assortment. You get a lot of sports balls in every pound to fill all the creative uses you can think of. Hit a hole in one by choosing this assortment for your next party!

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