Gold & Silver Chocolate Marbles - Foil Wrapped 5lb Bag

  • $45.99

Because they are so delicious and attractive at the same time, getting the most out of the Gold and Silver Chocolate Marbles is easy.Wrapped in sparkling Italian gold and silver foils are great tasting milk chocolate balls. Each ball has a diameter of .75 inch only. These bite size treats come in a five pound bag. These non-traditional milk chocolate marbles are made from a non-traditional milk chocolate recipe.They are classy, elegant and stylish marbles fit for the fastidious taste buds. They are great for special occasions especially wedding receptions and wedding anniversaries. Gold and silver colors represent longevity of relationships.Those who have reached such milestone in their relationships deserve celebration. And these marvelous marbles should be a part of these celebrations. Your guests will love these round treats because of their lusciousness and silky smooth texture.Take out those candy bowls and fill them up with these treats. You will be astounded to see how your guests will easily love them and won't take their hands off these chocolate balls.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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