Tiffany Blue Chocolate Marbles - Foil Wrapped 10lb Bag

Tiffany Blue Chocolate Marbles - Foil Wrapped 10lb Bag
  • $139.99

Have you lost your marbles? Well, the good news is we've found them! And they just so happen to be made out of delicious, melty milk chocolate. With our amazing Tiffany Pastel Blue Chocolate Marbles, you'll have countless chocolates to unwrap and enjoy at your own leisure.And with their bright, pastel greenish blue foil wrapper, you'll love looking at them in between snacks. If you're celebrating the birth of a baby boy, have a winter party you'd like to add an icy blue color to, have a tropical themed party planned, or want to dress up the Easter dessert table, then try these amazing Tiffany Blue Chocolate Marbles!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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