Bright Pink Milk Chocolate Balls - Foil 10lb

  • $109.99

The shimmering, elegant foil of these Bright Pink Milk Chocolate Balls is sure to attract a lot of attention. Pour them in a clear vase or a candy dish, and they are pretty enough to use as a centerpiece on tables at weddings and baby showers. Planning an anti-Valentine's Day party for all your single friends?These will put a smile on the face of anyone. They are also perfect for a princess-themed birthday party, and since they are individually wrapped, so you can hand them out at Halloween, too. This is a generous-sized bulk supply, so there is plenty to go around, but make sure you save some for your secret stash, too.You might be thinking the packaging is way too pretty for them to taste good, too. Well, you will be pleasantly surprised because the real beauty of these foiled pink milk chocolate balls is the candy itself. Pop one of these decadent balls of chocolate goodness in your mouth, and resist the urge to bite. Just let the sweet chocolate melt on your tongue.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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